Transform your brand into a visual masterpiece that captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impression

Is Your Visual Identity Feeling Dull and Lackluster? It's Your Time to Shine with Brand Brilliance.

Brand Brilliance essential for transforming your brand into a captivating visual masterpiece that makes a lasting impact on your audience.

Why Brand Brilliance Matters? ūüé®

Brilliance is the secret sauce to making your brand unforgettable. It’s the art of capturing attention, telling your brand’s story, and creating a consistent, captivating identity that sets you apart from the competition.

What's Included:

  • Custom Visual Identity Creation:

    Our team will craft a visual identity that perfectly aligns with your brand's essence. This includes logo refinement, a dazzling color palette, typography guidance, and more.

  • One-on-One Consultation:

    Discuss your specific brand needs and receive personalized advice during a One on One consultation.

  • Brand Style Guide

    This guide will serve as a reference for maintaining consistency in your brand's visual elements, ensuring that your brand remains visually stunning and cohesive across all platforms.

  • Visual Content Library

    Elevate your brand's visual presence with a library of graphics and photos that speak to your brand's unique identity.

  • Harmonious Content and Messaging

    We'll ensure that your brand messaging resonates with your revitalized visual identity, creating a cohesive and compelling brand voice that captures your audience

  • Implementation Guidance

    We provide step-by-step implementation guidance using Canva, a user-friendly graphic design platform. Our comprehensive instructions will help you bring your visual brand brilliance to life, even if you're not a design expert.

Why Brand Brilliance?

Don’t let your brand remain in the shadows. It’s time to shine, captivate, and stand out with a visual identity that resonates. Our¬†Visual Brand Brilliance Package¬†is your ticket to making an unforgettable impression and reaching a broader audience.


Brand Brilliance is the perfect fit for you if:

  1. You Desire a Visual Transformation: Elevate your brand’s visual identity to a level that wows and captivates your audience

  2. You Value Consistency: Achieve a consistent brand image across all platforms, from visuals to messaging, to make a more powerful brand presence.

  3. You’re Ready to Expand Online: Take your brand to the next level with a professional website that harmoniously reflects your new visual identity.

  4. You Want Expert Guidance: Benefit from a one-on-one consultation to address your unique brand needs and receive tailored advice.

How It Works

Discover + Strategize+Design+Maintain

Consultation and Pre-Session Preparation:

Gain insights into your brand and target audience through in-depth research and analysis. Understand your brand’s unique essence, values, and positioning in the market.

Strategy Sesh

¬†Let’s get those pencils ready , lets think about how Defining the visual elements for your brand will slide in place with your biz goals overall.¬†

Design (and Shine)

Create a visually stunning brand that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression. Our team of expert designers will refine your logo, develop a captivating color palette, provide typography guidance, and create custom graphics and imagery that align with your brand’s unique identity.

Implementation Support

Ensure consistency and ongoing brand excellence by implementing your visual brand elements across all platforms. Our step-by-step guidance using Canva, a user-friendly graphic design platform, will empower you to bring your visual brand brilliance to life. Additionally, you will receive a comprehensive Brand Style Guide as a reference to maintain consistency in your brand’s visual elements.

Ready to work together?

Ready to unlock the full potential of your brand and create visual brilliance? Book the Visual Brand Brilliance Package today!


Let’s paint a brighter, bolder future for your brand and turn it into a visual masterpiece!



Vector and Web  Graphics Supplied.

Primary Logo: The main logo used for official communications and brand recognition.

  1. Primary Logo: The main logo used for official communications and brand recognition.

  2. Secondary Logo: A simplified version of the primary logo for use in small spaces or specific applications.

  3. Logo Variations: Adaptable versions of the logo, such as horizontal, vertical, and monochrome formats, for different applications.


Hex, Pantone (PMS) and  CMYK Supplied

  1. Primary Colour:¬†The dominant color that represents the brand’s core identity.

  2. Secondary Colours:¬†A supporting palette of colors that complements the primary color and enhances the brand’s visual appeal.

  3. Accent Colours: Additional colors used sparingly for emphasis or to create visual interest.


  1. Primary Font: The main typeface used for headings, titles, and important text.

  2. Secondary Font: A complementary typeface used for body text, paragraphs, and smaller details.

  3. Brand Font Family: A selection of fonts that work well together and align with the brand’s overall aesthetic.

Application and Implementation Guidelines

  1. Brand Style Guide: A comprehensive document that outlines the proper usage of all branding elements, ensuring brand consistency across all touchpoints.

    2. Brand Identity Guidelines Website: An interactive online resource that showcases the brand’s visual identity and provides easy access to branding guidelines and assets.

Efficiently accomplish all your brand tasks in a single focused day.

Unlock the power of a Brand Boost VIP Day to eliminate stress, overthinking, and endless to-do lists.

All Brand Brilliance Packages Include One Week of Easy Access Support.

As part of maintaining the sparkle of brand brilliance., we offer 1 week of post-support to ensure your continued success. During this week, you can expect the following:

  1. Follow-up Consultation: We’ll schedule a follow-up consultation to discuss any questions or concerns you may have after the VIP day. This will provide an opportunity to address any additional insights or clarifications needed to implement the brand strategies effectively.

  2. Implementation Support: We’ll be available to provide guidance and support as you begin implementing the recommended brand strategies. Whether you have questions about execution, need feedback on specific elements, or require assistance in overcoming any challenges, we’ll be there to assist you.

  3. Resource Sharing: We’ll share additional resources, tools, or templates that may further support your brand’s implementation efforts. These resources could include guides, checklists, or reference materials that align with the specific recommendations discussed during the VIP day.

  4. Ongoing Email Support: Throughout the week, you’ll have access to email support, allowing you to reach out with any questions or updates related to the brand strategies. We’ll promptly respond to your inquiries, providing the guidance and insights you need to ensure a smooth and successful implementation process.

Our 1 week post-support is designed to provide continued guidance and assistance as you apply the strategies discussed during  Brand Brilliance and  ensures that you have the necessary support and resources to confidently execute the brand enhancements and maximize the impact of the VIP day experience on your business.

Starting at 2200 CAD +GST


The success of the Brand Brilliance will be measured based on the achievement of the agreed-upon objectives and goals discussed during the session. This may include improvements in brand messaging, visual identity, market positioning, and overall brand performance. We’ll work together to define key performance indicators (KPIs) and evaluate the outcomes to ensure your brand is on the path to success.

What is the investment or cost for the Brand Boost VIP day? A: The investment for the Brand Boost VIP day will depend on various factors, such as the scope of work, the complexity of your brand, and specific requirements.  A standard Brand Brilliance Package is 2200 CAD +GST

 Yes, during our session  you will receive relevant resources, tools, and templates to support your brand enhancement efforts. These resources will be tailored to your specific needs and align with the recommendations discussed during brand brilliance Finished collateral will be provided in a done-for-you PDF.


There are no specific prerequisites to participate in the Brand Brilliance ,However, we recommend having a clear understanding of your brand goals, target audience, and current brand assets to make the most out of the¬† experience.¬† If you’re still working out the finer details of your biz, Brand Boost is recommended.

Brand Brilliance is Entirely virtual and conducted via phone call and email. We offer flexibility to accommodate your needs and ensure a seamless and productive experience.